lovely dress from Sassy!

OK – this post is just a fashion post.

We were previously discussing the Diamond Is Mine Hunt, and the fact that it had a plethora of fine wares. Here, I am seen modeling one of my faves from that hunt:

~Sassy!~ Precious II

~Sassy!~ Precious II

This is from Sassy! . It is called the ~Sassy!~ Precious II gown. I love the lace detail. Both the upper and lower sections come on multiple layers.

OK – layers. Recall that your clothing, like your skin, consists of both textures that are essentially bodypaint, and objects which exist independently of your body. The bodypaint portions (skin, makeup, hairbase, tattoo, undershirt, shirt, jacket, underpants, pants, socks, and gloves) form defined layers over your body, in logical fashion. Jackets cover shirts, shirts cover undershirts, etc.

As an example of why it is desirable to have an item come in multiple layers, suppose my top was on the jacket layer. If I wanted to cover up with a shawl, I could not, as each layer can accommodate only one item. So my top could be on the shirt layer. But it would make a lovely camisole as well would it not? If I wanted to wear a shirt over it, they would be fighting for that layer. Undershirt? What if I wanted a bra peeking out?

For flexibility, most better ensembles feature a number of their items on multiple layers, so they can be mix-n-matched with other items.

on the hunt

Try me on
Take me home
The tags are on
It’s still a loan
Warranty is in the sack
You can always take me back
Go window shopping again
Window shopping again

- “Window Shopping”, Lisa Loeb

I did not want to say it, for fear of angering the Creator. I have succumbed to vanity. With all that is me, I want to be pretty. I know it’s petty. I know it shouldn’t matter. I know I have business to attend to. But I am weak – I am, after all, merely of the virtual flesh. Cast adrift, a loner tasked with a special purpose. Yet I want to be loved. I want to — need to be desired.

A fairly recent SL commerce event is The Hunt. These have started to become widespread in the last year and a half or so. We have spoken before of ‘freebies’ which are items given freely in order to demonstrate the quality of a vendor’s goods. If one combines freebies, with a mechanism for increasing traffic to the vendor’s store, so much the better. Entre’ the Hunt.

In a hunt, an av is given the location of a store, and a description of the item for which one is hunting. The store owner hides the hunt item, in the hopes that, while seeking the item, the hunter sees, notices, and is enticed by the wide range of wares sold by that vendor.

Once the hunter finds the hunt item, she is rewarded with the gift (sort of a freebie, but required the search to locate), and a landmark to the next store in the route. At that next store lies waiting another hidden hunt item, itself containing another gift plus the landmark to the next location.

Hunts are organized by various persons and groups, and usually have a couple-dozen to slightly less than a hundred stores in the route. This makes a nice way to quickly obtain a lot of clothes, hair, poses, and other things for free.

As it so happens, upon breathing life into me, the Creator was in the middle of such a hunt. Accordingly, I was birthed with her knowledge thereof. Further, this hunt was of a quality that was higher than average, and contained many things which I wished were mine.

Unable to resist the earthly temptation, I embarked upon the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 3 .

Indeed, the eyes I listed in the last post were from this hunt. Further, the very first item in this hunt was a shape that so complimented the shading in my al vulo-frida* passion tan skin, that it seemed almost made for it.

Full frontal below the fold….

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