sweet & sticky

Another freebie. This one is quite fun & flirty.


  • T.C. Sweetheart Corset Pink (#1 BMBV Gift from Tw@ttyC@ke)
  • *C:K* Simple Black Skirt
  • ! [DeVicious] Up All Night Boots (Black / Platinum / Brown)
  • A&A Alma Hair Cinnamon
  • *C:K* Simple Pearl Earrings
  • *C:K* Simple Silver Bracelets

Tw@ttyCake’s pink candy corset really defines this outfit. Every once in a while, one wants to be cute, slutty, and coquettish at the same time — or is that what coquettish really means? =^.^= Freebies all – the outfilt is helped by some boots from the wonderful DeVicious, and topped (bottomed?) off with a gauzy skirt from Curious Kitties. I only recently got turned on to Curious Kitties – they have a plethora of unique wares, and a huge array of good freebs! I’m sure I’ll be presenting more of their stuff in the near future.

Ciao, dahlinks -