new skin

Its all been saved…
with exception for the right parts.
When will we be new skin?

Its all been seen…
with exception for what could be.
When will we be new skin?

- New Skin, Incubus

SL provides a number of dials to twist in order to mold your appearance into something representative of your desired countenance. There is an up and coming rendering system known as mesh, which may (or may not) in the near future bring drastic flexibility to this character molding process. But traditionally, there are significant limitations as to how far you can push your appearance.

In the default system, your appearance is determined largely by your shape, your skin, your clothing, any alpha textures you apply, and any objects you attach to yourself as if they were prosthetics. A good example of these objects would be most popular hairstyles. This is simplifying things to some extent, but it’ll serve as a starting point.

Shape is just what it sounds like. Assuming you are choosing to be a human, you can select between male or female. From there, SL provides several dozen parameters that let you set the value (size) of your eye spacing, your upper lip width, your torso length, foot size, and on and on.

However, probably more important to your overall appearance is your skin. Your skin is a texture, that is essentially painted over your shape. This determines not only the coloring of your skin, but the prominence of any of your features. As with makeup being able to provide the impression of high cheekbones, or narrow nose, the shading and highlights within your skin give the impression of certain shapeliness to your… err… shape. Your skin can be as a trompe l’oeil giving shape to your body.

In SL, there are many skins from which to choose. You can use free ones from Linden Lab themselves. Most choose to employ more detailed skins to add some life to their av. There are a plethora of artists that create skins for sale for Linden Dollars on the open markets within SL.

Indeed, a good skin can run several thousand L$ (say up to or even over $10-20 USD). Good skins are among the most costly items most people may buy within SL. Accordingly, there is a wide selection of designers’ wares from which to choose.

With such competition for the L$ of the marketplace, designers need to find a way to stick out in the market. To this end, many designers choose to offer a ‘freebie’ – essentially a free item designed to introduce you to their fine wares in the hopes you’ll buy more in the future.

And so Sparxx, poofed into being with a mission, and possessing immediate self-awareness, took one look upon herself, and said *yuech*.

This reaction was not one that the creator had foreseen. It was never imagined that Sparxx would possess self-determination. But so it was done. The creator had no real chioce but to let Sparxx pursue her desires.

But when Sparxx was summoned into being, she did so with complete knowledge of the mind of the creator up to that point. She knew she did not want to go though life as a vampire. Further, she possessed the creator’s knowledge of some fine designers that created skins – skins that in some cases were free. Skins of which her incipient vanity rendered her most covetous.

So employing the inherited knowledge from the creator, she set out for al vulo, whom she knew often featured fine freebies. A quick search in Places found that al vulo was located at .

So Sparxx, in her vampire awkwardness, teleported to al vulo on the Remix Yo Life sim. She quickly joined the al vulo update group, and grabbed the currently featured group gift. She was ecstatic to learn that it was indeed a free skin, and that it was a good, basic skin that could be worn every day.

So she tried on her new skin — al vulo-frida* passion tanand she felt a wave of relief! No longer was she a vampire. Now she could go out into the world to fulfill her prime directive. She was happy.

And a universe away, the creator felt she’d dodged a bullet.

Sparxx - 2010 Nov 23

Sparxx - 2010 Nov 23

Warning – NSFW shot below the fold

And here I am in a state of undress. I like this al vulo frida* passion tan skin – I think it suits me quite well. What do you think?

Sparxx - VF #1 plus al vulo frida skin

Sparxx - VF #1 plus al vulo frida skin