lovely dress from Sassy!

OK – this post is just a fashion post.

We were previously discussing the Diamond Is Mine Hunt, and the fact that it had a plethora of fine wares. Here, I am seen modeling one of my faves from that hunt:

~Sassy!~ Precious II

~Sassy!~ Precious II

This is from Sassy! . It is called the ~Sassy!~ Precious II gown. I love the lace detail. Both the upper and lower sections come on multiple layers.

OK – layers. Recall that your clothing, like your skin, consists of both textures that are essentially bodypaint, and objects which exist independently of your body. The bodypaint portions (skin, makeup, hairbase, tattoo, undershirt, shirt, jacket, underpants, pants, socks, and gloves) form defined layers over your body, in logical fashion. Jackets cover shirts, shirts cover undershirts, etc.

As an example of why it is desirable to have an item come in multiple layers, suppose my top was on the jacket layer. If I wanted to cover up with a shawl, I could not, as each layer can accommodate only one item. So my top could be on the shirt layer. But it would make a lovely camisole as well would it not? If I wanted to wear a shirt over it, they would be fighting for that layer. Undershirt? What if I wanted a bra peeking out?

For flexibility, most better ensembles feature a number of their items on multiple layers, so they can be mix-n-matched with other items.