a wild hair

Whenever I dress cool, My parents put up a fight
And if I’m a hotshot, Mom will cut hair at night
In the morning I’m short of my identity
I scream Mom and Dad Why can’t I be who I wanna be?

I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to know, I am my Hair

- “Hair” as sung by Lady Gaga

Whew! The new skin is a relief. I am no longer draped in the visage of a vampire. Now I can get to the business for which the creator has cast upon these shores.

And yet…

…and this is where the creator first became uneasy…

What is with that hair? I look like I have a drowned rat upon my head. Surely, I’d be a more effective proprietress if I looked the part…

Hoo, dawgie. If there is one facet of appearance that causes all of humanity (both virtual and meatspace) grief, disagreement, and strife, it has got to be hair. Jocks versus hippies, parents versus teens, skinheads versus metalheads, mods versus rockers, preps versus goths, it goes on and on. Look at a photo from some decade gone by. I bet you can place the decade just by reference to the hairstyle alone, can’t you?

As opposed to RL, in SL, all hair (other than stubble, which would be a texture applied to your shape as your skin) is as a wig. I bet Dolly Parton doesn’t give a second thought as to whether or not she’ll don a wig any given day, do you? With the knowledge that everyone in SL is always wearing a wig, it is not uncommon to have dozens – even hundreds of wigs at your disposal. Changing your wig daily — even hourly — is no big deal. Nobody would bat an eye if you showed up at the next party with a pink & blue bouffant.

So how could I possibly put myself forward in a confidant, business-like manner, with a drowned long-haired rat perched atop my head? Especially knowing how trivial it is to choose your hair.

Even more so than with skins, there are many purveyors of fine hair eager to capture you as a customer. Most hair vendors have dozens of hairstyles, each in dozens of colors. If they were to give away one style in one color, what of it? If the customer might fall in love with the look and craftsmanship, they can certainly give away a sample. After all, even if it is the exact perfect match for a given av, certainly there will come a day when at least another shade would be required to match a certain dress. At that date, there will be revenue.

And so, there are many fine hairs from which Sparxx… errr… an interested party could acquire for free. Again, being poofed into existence with a complete trove of mature knowledge has its benefits. As the creator knew, so knew I — that an excellent hair designer was currently giving away many hairs, all across the grid.

And so I set out to Alli&Ali, also known as A&A. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/156/135/24 . After joining their update group, I was allowed to obtain this week’s group gift – A&A Isis Hair Toast. I believe the style is Isis and the color is Toast. I grabbed one or two other freebies while I was there – little did I know that Isis Toast would fit me just fine for my first several weeks.

Yes, I could certainly go about my life, and not be self-conscious about my hair, wearing A&A Isis Toast.

A&A Isis Hair Toast

A&A Isis Hair Toast

And adding the eyebrow shaper that came with the free hair softened my cold stare measurably:

A&A Isis Hair Toast with eyebrow

A&A Isis Hair Toast with eyebrow